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"Damn them... damn them. Damn them all... to Hell!"

Zaius was the aging father of ape military commander, General Thade.


An important leader of Derkein, possibly a senator, he was also a direct descendant of Semos, founder of ape society and god of the apes. Of all the apes in the community, he was the only one who knew the truth concerning the Forbidden Area known as Calima. Zaius despised humans and blamed them for the downfall of society. As a reminder of humanity’s destructive nature he kept one of their weapons – a handgun – inside an ancestral urn held within his household. He knew the trouble that Leo's arrival could bring. Despite their differences on human equality, he was good friends with fellow Senator Sandar, who asked Thade out of concern for his old friend how he was faring. On his deathbed, Zaius consulted with Thade and revealed some of the hidden truths in regards to humanity having once been dominant on the planet. And as further proof, he asked his son to break the ancient urn, revealing the human weapon he had kept all those years and claiming it as proof of humanity's potential to overtake the apes with their capacity to innovate. Condemning all human beings "to Hell", Zaius passed away, leaving the handgun to Thade.


  • "In a time before time, we were the slaves, and humans were the masters."
  • (About the handgun, as it was being examined by Thade) "What you hold in your hand is the proof of their power. Their power of invention! Their power of technology! Against this, our strength means nothing! This has the power of a thousand spears!"


  • The character is never referred to as "Zaius" throughout the film. His name is listed in the movie's end credits and some fan-sites only.
  • When filming this character's scene Tim Roth, actor for General Thade, admitted that he was "not comfortable" appearing opposite Charlton Heston for political reasons. At the time Charlton Heston was the president of the National Rifle Association while Roth opposed this. He went on to say "I come from the exact opposite end of the political spectrum. Burton had to persuade me to do it. Finally, I decided that it was okay because it's fiction". According to [1]

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