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This article discusses something which was not officially endorsed by the owners of the Planet of the Apes copyright, but which was nevertheless inspired by the concepts and ideas found in the original books, movies, TV series and comics.

'Within The Planet Of The Apes'; illustration by Neil T. Foster

Within The Planet Of The Apes was a 2004 fan-produced comic strip written by Michael Whitty and illustrated by Neil T. Foster, set alongside the events of Planet of the Apes and Beneath the Planet of the Apes.


In the Forbidden Zone, Doctor Garvon and by his assistant Milo discover proof of Earth's human past. Garvon is confronted by Zaius, and by Ursus. Meanwhile, Milo discovers the mutant city and finds a working spaceship.


  • Set shortly before 'Beware The Beast', 'Within The Planet Of The Apes' featured a brief appearance from its star Gideon.

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