Werner Keppler is a makeup artist who worked on the 1973 movie Battle for the Planet of the Apes. His association with makeup supervisor John Chambers went back much further; when Keppler had worked at Universal Studios in the 1960s, Chambers had passed showman Frank Hansen's 'Ice Man' project on to Howard Ball (for casting) and Werner Keppler (for painstaking application of Yak-hair). The resulting sculpture was then frozen in a huge block of ice and displayed around the country.[1]

On April 20th-22nd 1973 the first 'Star Trek West Coast Convention' was held, as part of Equicon '73 at the Los Angeles International Hotel. Writer David Gerrold featured as the emcee for the event's masquerade, and carried out his duties disguised as Cornelius, after a public make-up demonstration by Werner Keppler. Gerrold had briefly been filmed as a background chimp in Battle the previous February, with the movie and Gerrold's novelization both due for release shortly after the convention.[2]

Keppler worked alongside Planet of the Apes personnel John Chambers, Tom Burman, Ellis Burman Jr., Ed Butterworth, Ken Chase, Fred Blau, Janos Prohaska and Robert Prohaska on the David Wolper Productions/ABC-TV four-part documentary series 'Primal Man', about prehistoric man's struggle for survival, during filming of which, in March 1974, a chartered plane crashed, killing all 36 people on board, including the Prohaskas and many of the production crew.[3]

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