Victor Buono (February 3rd, 1938 - January 1st, 1982) was an American television actor from San Diego, California. Victor was most popularly known for playing the villain, King Tut, a recurring foe on the 1966 television series, Batman.

Victor was also featured in the 1970 Arthur P. Jacobs film Beneath the Planet of the Apes where he played one of the nameless mutants living beneath the ruins of New York City. In the film's closing credits, Buono's character is credited only as Fat Man. The Fat Man was one of five high-ranking members of the mutant community, and acted as an inquisitor against the captured humans, John Brent and Nova.

The name 'Adiposo' was invented by The Mutant News fake newspaper issued at the time of the movie's release.[1]

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