So I'm a big fan of the CE series (I'm a wildlife conservationist) and have some questions:

I just finished reading Caesar's story and re-watched War a little while ago, so I am very much curious as to see how many Apes made it to the Oasis Paradise in the end of the CE movies. I know in the beginning of Dawn there were just over 2,000 apes in Caesar's colony, but it's obviously not that number by the end of War, when the Apes make it to Paradise. 

So here is my ballpark estimate: It seems that the total number of Apes in the end of War who made it to Paradise appears to be ~500-600. This number is not including the girl Nova, Maurice's adopted daughter.

The vast majority of the surviving Apes were Chimpanzees, including Rocket, Bad Ape, Cornelius, Lake, Tinker, Stone, Hila (from Caesar's Story), River (also from Caesar's story), and many more. I would say maybe 90-95% of the apes that made it to Paradise (not including Caesar, mind you) were Chimps, honestly.

As for the Orangutans, the only named Orangutans that made it to Paradise for sure were Maurice and Barbar (from Caesar's story). I don't know if Ray, Musang, Eastwood, Kumang or any of the other named Orangutans survived, since the war took so many lives and I don't see their names mentioned beyond passing in Caesar's stoy. I counted a minimum of eight or nine other adult Orangutans (when the Apes were in the Colonel's death camp), not including Percy, and five or so Orangutan children. So that makes around 15 or 16 Orangutans left in the Colony, including Maurice and Barbar.

As for the Gorillas, it seems that Oak (from Caesar's story) was the only named Gorilla who made it to Paradise, sadly. Herman may have, but I'm not so sure. When I re-watched War, I counted around 20 or so Gorillas in total, including at least three Gorilla children and most of the other ones I counted were adolescents or females. So it looks like not many Gorillas survived either, sadly.

Anyway, my point of this question is that the Human-Ape War took so many lives, it's actually kind of sad. So does ~500+ Chimpanzees, 15+ Orangutans, and 20+ Gorillas left seem right?

Here's another (completely unrelated) question: I know Maurice is a Bornean orangutan, but were the apes in the zoo in Rise also Bornean, or were they Sumatran orangutans? I ask cause if they were the latter, it might explain why Maurice didn't get a wife and kids like Rocket or Caesar did, since all the other Orangs were a different species than him. 

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