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I like the original movie, its the best! I also like how realistic the Apes looked in the Tim Burton film because none of them "look alike".

There should be a new Planet of the Apes animated series, with a similar animation style as Star Wars: Clone Wars, Teen Titans, Transformers Animated, and the Total Drama series! That would be awesome!

When I first heard that Rise of the Planet of the Apes was gonna be about Caesar, I was kinda skeptical. But I soon found out it was a reboot to the franchise. The movie is so awesome!

These are my ideas for the start of the animated series:

  • On December 12, 2014, NASA launched a spaceship called Immigrant on Earth's first interstellar mission to search for habitable planets in orbit around the star Betelgeuse. The crew consists of five American astronauts: four men and one woman.
    • Capt. "Skipper" Ulysses Meroe: A blue-eyed blond French-American and the main protagonist. He is the commander of hte crew. He is an analogue to Ulysse Mérou (the protagonist of the original novel), George Taylor, Bill Hudson, Leo Davidson, and Ulysses (from the video game).
    • Blake Hodge: The second-in-command and the co-pilot.
    • Lt. William Carter: An African-American. He is an analogue to Dodge, Jeff Allen, and Romulus.
    • Lt. Diane Fuller: A blue-eyed blonde-haired woman. She is an analogue to Stewart, Judy Franklin, and Sophie.
  • The Immigrant was equipped with an experimental space-drive invented by a genius scientist named Prof. Antelle, based on his own theories concerning time, dimensional matrices, and infinite regression. The crew are placed in cryogenic sleep for most of the voyage.
  • Months gone by aboard the Immigrant while the crew are still in cryogenic hibernation. The ship's computer awakens them after they've crash landed on a strange alien planet. They checked Earth's date on the computers, October 21, 7521 AD. Blake died in his sleep, his cryogenic unit failed during the voyage. The Immigrant lost all communications with Earth. The ship sinks into a large inland sea and the three astronauts escape to shore. They claimed the unknown planet in the name of the United States of America and the planet Earth, Ulysses christening it "Soror".
  • The crew start to journey across the barren desert for many days to find food and water until they follow a trail of plant life. Unbeknown to them, they are being watched by curious primitive humans. They encountered strange-looking scarecrows (“makeshift wooden crosses”). They were about to investigate them when the astronauts spot a forested area with lush trees bearing fruit and a beautiful lake with a waterfall.
  • While they swim naked, the men gave Fuller a hard time since she was embarrassed to strip in front of them. Ulysses, ever a gentleman, cut her a break. Fuller appreciates it.
  • The astronauts saw a group of primitive humans in loincloths stole the astronauts' suits and supplies. They go after them and see they've shredded their suits and broken most of their equipments. They stayed with them for a few hours, with Ulysses befriending a young female of the tribe he named "Nova", until they noticed the wild humans froze. Then a eerie howling noise emerged from the trees. The wild humans ran in fear, forcing the four astronauts to follow suit. The astronauts saw something in the cornstalk; something jumping across the trees so fast; equinoid-like creatures being ridden on by their unknown assailants; and a jeep-like steampunk vehicle. Some of the wild humans are being pulled into the trees. The assailants sport shiny ornamental metal armor and stabbing weapons. Ulysses hid and discovered the identities of their assailants: a hunting party consists of chimpanzees and gorillas! (The apes resemble the more realistic ones from Tim Burton's movie) The apes have captured most of the humans, including Ulysses. He noticed the apes are speaking some sort of language.
  • The captured humans were taken to Ape City, the "capital city" of the region. Ape City resembles a more modern city like the original novel and the old cartoon.
  • Apes clothing are that of both the original movies/TV show/old cartoon and Tim Burton version.
  • Simian society is divided into:
    • Gorillas are the soldiers and laborers.
    • Orangutans are the pedantic and conservative politicians.
    • Chimpanzees are the scientists and intellectuals, but mostly make up the majority of workers, taxpayers, pedestrians, etc. Though there are some who are also soldiers and politicians.
  • There are subservient humans in Big Ape City. They are the servants and more civilized than the humans living in the wild. The rebellious humans are kept as slave labor. The wild humans are kept as pets in cages and in leashes.
  • Some wild humans are seen in their zoo. Other strange animals are in captivity, including two-legged raptor-like creatures with feathers.
  • Dr. Zaius is a Bornean orangutan and a "behind-the-scene" villain. He is a Minister of Science and a Councilor, he has a seat in the Supreme Council, the head of the ape government in Big Ape City.
  • Zira is a 29-year-old sympathetic chimpanzee with liberal mentality. She is the daughter of Senator Paval, a high-ranking member of the ape government of Big Ape City, an associate of Zaius. She's part of the Ape National Academy of Science, a scientific foundation in Big Ape City, and a human rights activist. She hates how the apes treat humans. She speaks publicly about her beliefs, and uses her father as a shield from the authorities. She gives Ulysses the name "Bright-Eyes", because his blue eyes are so rare and beautiful. This Zira resembles more like Ari.
  • General Urus, a gorilla, is the commander of the Ape military and the main antagonist. He hates humans, pure and simple. He works cooperatively with Zaius, but is constantly reminded that he is in charge.
    • Urus is accompanied by two sidekicks: Msphinx (a cunning mandrill) and Papio (a bumbling baboon).
  • The apes have a religion. Big Ape City has an Ape church, built centuries ago in honor of Haristas the Lawgiver. He was a Sumatran orangutan who is worshiped as a patron saint. He declared the Forbidden Zone deadly, thus off-limits to the apes. According to Ape myth/legend, he was a prophet who was blessed with a gift by a single ape, Seimos, the source of all ape life.
  • Both Zaius and Urus believes Ulysses may start a human rebellion, threatening simian survival. This leaves the apes with the task of executing him.
  • With help from Zira and Cornelius, Ulysses escapes Ape City and reunited with Carter and Fuller. They begin their journey across the Planet of the Apes to find a way back to Earth, all the while being pursued by General Urus, his gorilla troops, and Msphinx & Papio.
  • The astronauts search for Helius, a friend of Cornelius and fellow scientist who may help them. And that's where their adventures begin.

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