Ulysses is an astronaut who crash-landed on a Planet of Apes. His crew-mates Sophie and Romulus having been killed, he was taken captive to the Ape City. Ulysses was allowed to escape his prison cell when he mysteriously found a key hidden with his food. After his escape, he met with the leaders of the human resistance, including Jonah, Nova, Bosko and Mathias, who regarded him as the saviour foretold, who would lead the humans to victory. After recovering the three ancient artefacts left to the survivors of the human race, a map revealed the location of the Statue of Liberty. Here, Ulysses discovered the full history of the downfall of humanity, and found that there was another tribe of humans living in vast bunkers deep underground. Persuading these humans to unite with the resistance under Mathias' leadership, Ulysses broke into a meeting of the Ape Council to expose the secret plotting of General Ursus to genetically enhance the gorilla race and bring about a gorilla society superior to all other species, and also to ask for the freedom of Nova. Having been successful, Ulysses and Nova fled, promising never to return to the Ape city.



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