Tom McDonough is an actor featured on the Planet of the Apes television series. He appeared in the episodes "Tomorrow's Tide" as mounted patrol, "The Deception" as Macor, "The Horse Race" as a racing official, "The Tyrant" as a gorilla trooper and "The Liberator" as a second gorilla guard.

Bill Derwin, Assistant Director on the series, singled out McDonough for praise amongst the ape actors: “On location, the heat was over 100 degrees. We had a couple of people who literally ripped off their ape heads and went home; they couldn’t handle it. Tom McDonough would replace them. He could handle anything in that make-up - horse riding, stunts, supporting roles.”[1]

However, even McDonough found the series tough: "The make-up was miserable. We carried umbrellas for shade. It was especially hard for me because I have blue eyes, requiring me to wear contact lenses to make my eyes brown. With the dust kicked up by the horses, it was terrible. The make-up took three and a half hours to apply. Your head was completely enclosed in hair, rubber and glue."[2]

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