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Tival was a middle-aged human that serves Ari and her father Sandar.


He reluctantly sided with Leo Davidson, Karubi, Birn and Daena.

During a battle between the humans and the apes, Tival rushed into the midst of the attack to protect Daena, but his plan proved to be a failure as Attar easily lifted him into the air, dropped him heavily and began to beat him.

Whether Tival survived Attar's brutal attack is unknown, but it is likely he didn't as he did not appear afterwards.

Behind the Scenes

  • In the battle near the end of the film, when Tival is attacked by Attar he emits the "Wilhelm scream" - a famous scream sound effect.
  • In the novelization of the film, Tival is described as being a black man. His fate in the book is also very different; instead of being beaten by Attar on the battlefield, he is ambushed and thrown off the top of Leo Davidson's ship by an anonymous gorilla, and his death is more heavily implied.
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