Timon was a chimpanzee from Ape City. Twenty years before Taylor's arrival, Timon had been a scribe in the office of Pansa but had been sent to The Reef for dissent. There, he befriended fellow inmate General Aleron, who had been framed by Councilor Tenebris, and helped him organise the political prisoners to start a riot and facilitate Aleron's escape. After Tenebris' death and Aleron's disappearance the political prisoners of the Reef were released.

Two years later, Aleron and the human Tern had settled in the Forbidden Zone and organised a rag-tag community of humans who planned to assert their rights. The humans would raid ape villages such as Capua and then have Timon sell the stolen goods and use the money to buy provisions and medicine for Aleron's worsening heart condition, as well as building up an arsenal of weapons. Prisca, a former supporter of Aleron, was under suspicion when the humans began the raids, and with the help of Doctor Milo made her way to Aleron's camp. Timon eventually betrayed Aleron to Dr. Zaius and guided an ape army to the secret lair. Zaius' army wiped out most of the humans, with Tern and his family escaping on rafts, but Aleron died destroying the passageway that led to the Forbidden Zone, trapping Timon inside for many years with a human child he had rescued.

For ten years, until the destruction of the Moon caused a major catastrophe in Ape City, Timon studied human artefacts and raised the human girl he named Pin. He then returned to Ape City as a preacher spreading the word of 'The Book of Aleron' - a belief in the equality of humans and apes. Although he was discredited by his former ally Prisca, now the head of the 'Anti-Vivisection Society' campaigning for human rights, Timon was remorseful for his role in Aleron's death and wished to make amends by continuing his legacy. Timon and his followers adopted the eye-patch as a symbol of their adherence to Aleron's doctrine. Ultimately Timon, Prisca and Zira helped defuse the tension in the city in the aftermath of chimp riots.



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