The Zombies2

The Zombies was a comic strip printed in Editorial Mo.Pa.Sa's 'El Planeta De Los Simios' 1977 Argentinian comics, written by Jorge Claudio Morhain and illustrated by Sergio Alejandro Mulko, and featuring the characters from the Planet of the Apes TV series.


The Zombies

Lured into a ravine filled with ancient trash, the fugitives evade ape soldiers as Urko watches from the sidelines with Kenio, an ape authorized by Chief Advisor Kalus to experiment on humans. They reach a peaceful village, where an elderly man welcomes them to Fandomville. He and other humans seem never to have met an ape before. The elder provides food and lodging, and they carry water up from the river to repay the kindness. Pete suggests finding other ape-free villages and initiating a rebellion, but the humans are in a zombie-like stupor, drained of vitality. Kenio is awed by the astronauts, particularly when Virdon convinces the humans to build a giant water wheel. Urko wants to kill them outright, but Kenio is amazed at their ability to inspire the “zombies” to action. A woman named Maia gives Virdon wine, which she says the gods leave for them near the Forbidden Ravine. Completing the water wheel, the humans chant in appreciation. Kenio sees great potential for the device, but Urko plans to burn it. That night, Virdon realizes the wine contains opium, used to drug the humans to keep them passive, and that his team was lured here to test the drug's effect versus rebellion. Virdon and Burke urge the humans to stop taking the wine and rebel. A guard alerts Urko, who rushes to kill them. Kenio protests, saying they could learn much from the pair. Kenio rushes to stop the slaughter and dies by Urko's rifle after warning them. The apes storm the town, and the humans rise up to fight them. Virdon tosses Urko from a cliff into the river, and the humans take refuge in the mountains. Maia asks Virdon to join them, but the memory of his family is too strong to put aside. Down in the river, disgraced, Urko vows to keep hunting them as long as he lives.

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