The Master Of The Forests

The Master Of The Forests was a comic strip printed in Editorial Mo.Pa.Sa's 'El Planeta De Los Simios' 1977 Argentinian comics, written by Ricardo Barreiro and illustrated by T. Toledo, and featuring the characters from the Planet of the Apes TV series.


Heading north, Galen and his friends encounter a bear, which knocks Galen unconscious and destroys the cart and horses. A crossbow shot kills the beast, courtesy of Tromh, Master of the Forests in this region. The bald albino orangutan leads them to his home, a medieval castle. He treats Galen to a lunch of wild boar while the astronauts eat filth in a dirty shed. When Burke refuses to eat it, an ape named Varlo roughs him up. A fellow slave warns them not to anger Varlo, for he is Tromh's best manhunter and enjoys being brutal. Inside the castle, Tromh offers to buy Virdon and Burke for his next manhunt, and when Galen declines, Tromh throws him in the cell as well. In the morning, the trio are led out with others as prey for the manhunt. Given a half-hour to hide, they split up to search for weapons. Burke retraces their steps and retrieves his lost knife, while Virdon makes a sling from his jacket drawstrings and a piece of cloth. Galen, meanwhile, fashions a trap out of a tied-back branch. The hunters set out to find their prey. Burke kills Varlo with the knife, and Virdon takes out another ape. Grabbing the hunters' weapons, they help Galen fend off a pair of hunters. Tromh arrives, armed with a sidearm, which he uses to cheat in the crossbow-only tournaments. Virdon distracts him and shoots him with a crossbow, then the fugitives ride off into the sunset.

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