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Planet of the Apes: The Fall was a novel published by HarperCollins in 2002 to tie-in with the previous year's movie re-imagining, Planet of the Apes. The book, written by William T. Quick, covered the events after the crash of the space station shown in that movie onto an alien planet, and the struggle of its survivors to rebuild a community.


The starship Oberon, searching for its AWOL pilot Leo Davidson, crash-landed on the unexplored planet Ashlar, leaving all but a handful of its crew-members dead. And those who remained were not alone in this strange, inhospitable world. A savage insectile race awaited just below the surface, massing to obliterate the unwanted invaders. The Oberon's last human survivors had to look to unlikely allies for help: the apes they carried onboard. Using controversial gene technology, the starship's scientists hoped to transform the primates into a powerful army - strong, agile, subservient... and intelligent. But the consequences of playing God promised to be more devastating than anyone could have ever anticipated, ushering in a dark and terrifying future that would pit slave against master, ape against man. Molly Benavides, one of the surviving crew, had a son, David, fathered by lost colleague Leo Davidson. She also fostered Jonathan, one of the chimps. Jonathan, becoming Semos, founded the first ape colony on the new planet with sons Thados (by his first wife) and Zaius (by his fourth wife Aspasia) and would become the god of future ape generations.