The Beach Of Time

The Beach Of Time was a comic strip printed in Editorial Mo.Pa.Sa's 'El Planeta De Los Simios' 1977 Argentinian comics, written by Jorge Claudio Morhain and illustrated by Sergio Alejandro Mulko, and featuring the characters from the Planet of the Apes TV series.


The fugitives spot humans singing near the edge of a cliff overlooking the 'Beach of Time', which Galen recognizes as the rite of taboo purification. The Beach of Time is filled with taboo artifacts that must be destroyed so the sand can be used for construction. A woman named Nebia is about to be fed to sharks - "purified" - for violating the taboo. Virdon and Burke rescue Nebia and toss a dummy into the sea. The fugitives and Nebia hide in a cave, where she says she's been a slave her whole life. She shows them a handheld radio she found, which broadcasts an invitation to survivors of the war to take refuge at the East Coast Scientific CenterTemplate:'s bomb shelter. Virdon dismantles the radio to build a goniometric radiometer but needs additional parts. Galen poses as a slave-tamer from the village of Niursee, sent to punish Virdon and Burke for rebelling against their master. The duo are put to work on the beach. They meet Nebia's father on the beach, who still mourns the “death” of his daughter. When the prefect of Niursee actually arrives, however, their cover is blown. Niursee's prefect recognizes them from Urko's description. When ape leader Seiko learns of this deception, Nebia pretends to return from the dead to distract the apes. They capture her and prepare to burn her as a warning. Meanwhile, Virdon builds the radiometer and uses it to track the Scientific Center broadcast. To his surprise, it's located within the Hill of Sacrifices. Excavating the cliff bottom, they find a bomb shelter, buried before anyone could use it. Using loudspeakers, Virdon impersonates a god to demand Nebia be freed and the sacrifices ended. The apes flee in terror except Seiko, who tries to burn Nebia alive but is killed when a gas explosion throws him from the Hill of Sacrifices. As the fugitives and former slaves seek shelter, the Hill crumbles onto the Beach of Time, burying it utterly.

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