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In the era of Alexander, grandson of Caesar, the Taylorites were a political movement/religious cult among the rebellious humans and the human/ape hybrid 'Mud People', with some ape followers. The revered holy book they based their beliefs on was the journal of Dr. Lewis Dixon. The information he recorded therein, the tales told to him by Zira and Cornelius about the Earth's future dominated by apes, and about the arrival of the talking human Taylor, constituted a book of prophecy to the Taylorites. They demanded equal rights for humans and apes before the promised return of Taylor and his destruction of the planet.

Miranda was considered a priestess by the primitive Mud People tribe, who had been converted to the Taylorite philosophy, and they waged a war against Colonel Urchak when his ape army began the conquest of their jungle home. Argo DiVincenzo was Miranda's bodyguard, a rare example of an ape leader amongst the Taylorites and an even more rare example of the mandrill species. Urchak captured Miranda on two occasions, but was ultimately defeated.

Argo later travelled south from the Mud People's home region and met with another group of human Taylorites, led by Myndith. They had been building a civil rights movement around the city of Phis (Memphis), which General Ollo had sent Tonus 'The Butcher' to stamp out ruthlessly.

The Dixon Journal

Extracts from this sacred tome were published in Adventure Comics' Urchak's Folly, issue #3 (1991), by Gary Chaloner.