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The second point states:

"However, it was shown in some areas, as both CBS-TV records and Neilsen Ratings data testify."

Neilsen reports never, never include episode titles. That is a false claim by whomever made it. Also, what CBS-TV records are being refered to? Finally, the footnote link is bad and goes to a completely unrelated website.

Two extremely valid points, thank you for pointing them out. It seems that the TV series fansite originally hosted at has been bought up to promote a movie of the same name, but the site can now be found at This site was the source of the information in question and it can still be viewed at the restored link. I have to admit I'm not as familiar with Nielsen reports as I could be, so I've provisionally changed the wording here. I hope that helps make the information a little more accurate. MagicManky 17:41, July 2, 2013 (UTC)
Thanks for updating the link. While the wording is better, it is still not accurate. I checked out the storiesfromchalo site and they offer nothing to back up the statement. Neilsen reports don't include episode titles. That statement is not true.
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