Does anyone know where I can acquire this comicbook? Is there a place out there I could download this comic? I've tried to google it and I couldn't find it. Any help?

This comic used to be available to download from the Planet of the Apes Yahoo Discussion Group, though it doesn't seem to be in their archives now. Best suggestion is to ask the group's owners, who are also the creators of this comic, if you can get it (it might require registering with the group). I know there were also printed copies of this and their other comics ('Beware The Beast' and 'Within The Planet Of The Apes') available a few years ago, and they might still have copies. - Neil

I second it, I would love a copy. I'm a fanatic of any kind of comics that are associated with Planet of the Apes. Time4milkjrTime4milkjr

This comic can now be downloaded at this link from the 'The Forbidden Zone' Facebook Group.
- Magic 21:32, September 7, 2012 (UTC)