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For Caesar! Take them to Proximus! Find the human!

Sylva was an evolved Gorilla who served as a chief enforcer of Proximus Caesar and partook in the Coastal Ape Colony's hunting party.


Working under Proximus Caesar[]

Sylva was the loyal captain of Proximus Caesar's guard faithful to Proximus' teachings, believing every word he had to say. Sylva took it upon himself to lead attacks on other ape clans, using electric batons, killing their leaders, and forcibly kidnapping the villagers to take them to the Proximus' kingdom and make them his enslaved subjects, all while chanting Proximus’ name, further disgracing Caesar’s legacy.

At some point, he massacred an expedition team of humans, in which only a young woman named Mae survived and managed to escape. He also participated in an attack on an ape village that housed the Order of Caesar, a society of ape scholars who sought to preserve the legacy and teachings of the original Caesar. After the attack, only one member survived; an orangutan named Raka.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes[]

Sylva was sent along with other apes to hunt and capture the human woman who survived the massacre, hoping to use her to access the weapons stored within the bunker. They find one of their dead followers who was attacked before finding Noa's horse, Sylva hits him with an electric prod so he can run back and take them to the village. He, along with his army, invaded and burned the Eagle Clan under the orders of Proximus. During the raid, Sylva fought against Noa and his father Koro, killing the latter.

Sylva appeared again with Lightning and other apes as they hunted feral humans while trying to kidnap Mae. Sylva chased her, but Noa intervened to save her, allowing her to jump on Noa's horse at the last second. Although Sylva managed to grab hold, Noa kicked him off. Angered, the gorilla let out a roar.

Later, Sylva, Lightning, and two chimpanzees ambushed Noa, Mae, and Raka on a bridge on the perimeter of Proximus' kingdom. After the orangutan jumped in the water to save Mae, Sylva cut the net he was hanging onto, supposedly letting him drown in the river. After that, he brought Noa and her to Proximus' kingdom.

Sylva died by drowning while trying to chase and kill Noa after Mae caused the vault to flood, dying similarly to how he presumably drowned Raka.


Sylva was a brutal, menacing, and aggressive commander, and also seemed to have no remorse for any of the pain he inflicted on others. While he seemed loyal to Proximus Caesar, it’s more than likely he just saw his lectures as a way to do his violent actions. However, his violence and need for brutality resulted in his demise, as he ended up getting stuck between some pipes while pursuing Noa.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: As a descendant of evolved apes, Silva has a high level of intelligence.
  • Speech: Sylva is capable of speech, albeit being broken than other apes such as Proximus Caesar or Noa.
  • Animal Strength: Silva will likely possess a lot of physical strength and power, being of a similar build to other strong gorillas from the CE Movies such as Buck, Luca, and Red.
  • Animal Speed
  • Animal Reflexes
  • Animal Stamina
  • Animal Endurance



  • Sylva is the secondary antagonist of the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. Despite this, he ironically has more screen-time than the main antagonist Proximus Caesar.
  • He is the second gorilla to speak, after Red.
  • Sylva is the first gorilla antagonist introduced in the new franchise of The Planet of the Apes.




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