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Stone showing gratitude to Bad Ape.

Stone was an evolved chimpanzee and a former follower of Koba who assisted in the bonobo's plans to bring a war against the humans. Stone is also a soldier of the Ape Army and former member of the Ape Council. He became loyal of Caesar again after Koba's death, but lost his position on the council for collaborating with Koba.


Early Life[]

Stone was liberated during the Ape Rebellion and joined his fellow apes in escaping from San Francisco to embrace true freedom within the Muir Woods. At an unknown point, he befriended another chimpanzee named Grey and the two would meet the bonobo Koba, becoming his faithful followers and accompanying him everywhere he went and doing as he commanded.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes[]

Re-Discovering Humans[]

When Caesar ordered Koba to follow Malcolm and his group as they drove back to San Francisco, Stone, Koba and Grey climbed over the desolate Golden Gate Bridge and crept towards the city, where they discovered that there were indeed other human survivors of the Simian Flu Pandemic. That night, the ape council argued about how to handle the humans until Caesar ordered them to stop, stating the apes created a new age for themselves and could lose everything if they went to war. He ended the meeting by stating he would make a decision by morning.

Marching to the City[]

The next morning, Stone along with the rest of the Ape Army march into the ruins of San Francisco where they confronted the human survivors at their shelter. Stone stays quiet as Caesar surprised the humans by speaking to them and warned them to never enter the Muir Woods or else there will be war. He then watched as Caesar personally warned Malcolm to never come back to the woods.

Humans in Ape Territory[]

Later, Malcolm entered the Ape Village where he is captured and brought for Caesar to pass his judgment. Stone watches as Caesar spares the human and gives him permission to work on the city dam. Stone would then watch as Koba confronts Caesar over his decision to spare the humans and allow them to work on the dam only to back down after Caesar intimidates him. With Koba starting to lose his good relationship with Caesar, the ape trio returned in secret to the city where Koba reveals he wants evidence that the humans can't be trusted. They then witnessed humans had a prepared and are practicing in a large armory with enough weapons, if intended, to kill every ape with this known they flee the area and head home. After returning to the Village to warn Caesar about the humans being dangerous, they are told by Blue Eyes that Caesar is helping the humans at the dam. Stone alongside Grey, would watch an angry confrontation Caesar and Koba which would escalate to Caesar violently beating Koba to bloody pulp only to stop himself after remembering the "Ape Not Kill Ape" law. At night, Grey asked a sulking Koba if they should tell Caesar about the human's armory, but Koba tells Stone and Grey to stay quiet about it.

Koba's Usurpation[]

After Koba stole a gun from the armory and Carver's lighter, Stone set a part of the Ape Village ablaze and came forth as Koba blamed the humans for shooting Caesar and burning the Ape Village. The bonobo, taking up the mantle of king for himself, then ordered the apes to attack the human colony while they still have the chance in order to "avenge" the "death" of Caesar.

Battle of San Francisco[]

Stone assisted the army in stealing weapons from the human armory and charged into battle with the apes. Stone took down many humans in the attack and would relish in joy at his vile actions. As he showed his excitement to Koba while standing on top of a broken down trolley in the battle, he was injured when a human tank suddenly appeared and fired a rocket at the bus, causing it to explode. Thinking Stone was killed in the trolley's explosion, Koba was deeply affected by it. Going out of his way, Koba climbed onto the tank that fired the rocket, and killed the driver, taking control of the vehicle in the process. The bonobo then used his new weapon to help the apes storm the San Francisco Human Colony.

War for the Planet of the Apes[]

The Great Esc-Ape[]

After Koba's death and on the contrary to Red, Stone became loyal to Caesar. Later, he was captured with the rest of the ape colony. Stone was the first ape prisoner to notice Bad Ape when he first dug through the ground and into the cage where the adult apes were held. He quickly looked away from Bad Ape for fear of raising suspicion from the human guard right next to him. Other apes started noticing Bad Ape but similarly, pretended they didn't see him. After the guard left the cage, Rocket went to check out what all the apes were gaping at, and was relieved to find Bad Ape sticking his head out of a hole, who he then introduced to everyone. Stone thanked Bad Ape personally and moved closer to hold out his hand. In return, Bad Ape made room for himself and held out his own hand to greet him. Stone later escaped with the rest of the ape colony when the battle began. After the battle ended with an avalanche wiping out the remaining humans, the apes traveled all the way to their new home, with stone being among them.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes[]

After Caesar's death, the colony held a funeral for him. After Maurice, Rocket, and others placed flowers on his body, Stone used a torch to light up the funeral pier, and Caesar's body burnt, with his ashes flying through the air.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes[]

From what had been seen from his actions, it was shown that Stone was a firm follower in Koba and it had been seen that both possessed a penchant love for violence and lives only for an amount of destruction. Moreover, he was seen by Koba's side supporting his actions before his assumed death. He also had a dislike for humans and disliked Caesar's reign as the Ape King for unknown reasons.

War for the Planet of the Apes[]

That being said he returns to Caesar's command after Koba's death and doesn't join Koba's other followers as donkeys in Colonel McCullough's army, showing while he disliked Caesar's rule he will stay with his fellow apes, indicating his loyalty to his fellow apes is greater than his former distain for Caesar.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes[]

Despite his past disdain for Caesar's rule, Stone appeared to still show respect for his Ape king. He was the one to light up Caesar's funeral pier, as a final way to pay respect for his king after betraying him in the past.

Physical appearance[]

Like Rocket, Stone was a grey skinned chimpanzee, with dark-grey hair on his body, green eyes and white sclera from the ALZ-113, and a flat-top style hair on his head. He also adorned himself with white chalk on his face and torso, resembling a skeleton, during a hunt.


  • Animal Strength: Like all chimpanzees, Stone is very powerful and strong.
  • Animal Speed: Like all chimpanzees, Stone is very fast.
  • High-Level Intellect: Stone had contracted the ALZ-113, giving him increased intelligence.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Due to him being a member of the Ape Army, Stone is a capable fighter.
  • Sign Language: Like his fellow apes, Stone knows American Sign Language. He uses it as a way of communication. It is unknown when or who he learned it from, but it is likely that he was taught the art by the evolved apes.
  • Speech: Having been given the ALZ-113, Stone gained the ability of speech. He does not have any verbal lines of dialogue in Dawn and War respectively. So It is unknown how good his English is.



  • For a while, it was unknown what type of ape Stone was until a viewer noted the characters' position with the position of the actors in a behind-the-scenes photo of shooting the scene and identified Stone as a chimpanzee.
  • Like Rocket, Stone is grey.
  • When Koba tells Caesar that letting the humans stay it was a danger to the apes then tells Caesar loves humans more than apes and his own sons, Caesar beats Koba but stops and says "ape not kill ape" one of the rule he made up with Maurice. Then, Grey and Stone leaves Koba on the floor laying while bleeding.


  • Some speculated that Stone did not die in Dawn as a chimp is seen in War that looks like Stone during the scene where Rocket and the other apes see Bad Ape from the ground during the escape. A month after War's release, it was confirmed by Matt Reeves, the director of Dawn and War, on Twitter that the chimp was indeed Stone.
  • Stone is the only one of Koba's followers known to survive at the end of War for the Planet of the Apes.
  • It is unknown how Stone survived in the explosion during the battle in Dawn.
  • Likewise with other characters, Stone would've passed away during the time gap between War and Kingdom.


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