As any true simian knows, the Planet of the Apes mythos is rife with inconsistencies, logistical improbabilities, continuity gaffs, and plot holes so gaping, one could pilot the Icarus through it. The purpose of this page is to establish a list of essays, which addresses these issues, and through deductive reasoning, constructs a theory as to how each article either works, or does not work, within the scope of the greater Planet of the Apes mythology.

All issues should be brought to this article's Talk page first, where it can be examined and analyzed in detail. Upon peer review, it will then be decided whether the issue is suitable for inclusion in the Essays category. Once approved, editors are encouraged to create an article compiling as much information as possible with regards to the selected topic. The essay will then be added to a growing list of material on this page.

Be aware, that this page is not to be used for personal Fanwanking. All theories must fit within an agreeable framework based on information supplied by the various resources. Extensive fact checking is encouraged, and all authors will be expected to submit a list of references that they used to develop their theory.

Although the objective of this page is to establish some sort of reconciliation with the various plot contrivances from Planet of the Apes – the material submitted to this page should not be regarded as "canonical" and is not suitable for inclusion within the primary body text of individual articles. However, brief summaries of speculative material may be included under the Notes heading of page articles, with a link to an existing essay.

Take credit for your work!

When submitting ideas or information on the Talk page, please be sure to sign your contributions. You can either use the "Signature" button on the edit page or add four tildes (~~~~) to the end of your message. If a subject is approved, and an essay created, all contributors should be listed at the bottom of the page and given equal credit.

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