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We thought they would kill us all... But the Colonel stopped them! There was madness in his eyes! He said they would use us, before we died!
Spear's recollection of the tribe's capture to Caesar

Spear was an evolved chimpanzee of the San Francisco Ape Colony who served as a member of the Ape Council and a soldier of the Ape Army. Following Caesar's departure to hunt down Colonel McCullough, Spear became the Acting King of the Ape Colony.


Early Life

As a child, Spear earned his name from when he used to fearlessly hurl himself through the air from branch to branch.

Crisis on the Planet of the Apes

During the Simian Flu Pandemic, Spear was captured by the military and taken to a quarantine zone. Spear was then tortured by Dr. Devon while looking for a cure to the virus through evolved apes. Two escaped apes, Bone and Specimen 139, find and release him. They armed themselves with guns and fight their way out while other apes do the same. Spear's group manages to reach the end of the quarantine zone killing many soldiers along the way. When a soldier shoots Bone in the back and tries to shoot Specimen 139, Spear lunges at him and pierces him in the back with a spear. Spear then violently beats him until the soldier stops moving. Spear comforted Bone as he died before escaping with Specimen 139 and found his way back to Caesar.

War for the Planet of the Apes: Revelations

After the battleship Daedalus arrived from the North to go to war with the apes, Caesar ordered Rocket to send two scouts to find out where the ship and humans were going. Rocket initially suggested Grey, but Caesar instead suggested Singe who took Spear with him. Spear later personally leads an attack on a group of humans to lead them away from the main group of apes. Spear succeeded in his mission and retreated to Caesar's base. After a group of Koba's Loyalists kidnap the female and children apes as they fled, Spear reports that he overheard one of them say they were heading East. Spear eventually earned enough of Caesar's trust to get a seat on Caesar's council.

War for the Planet of the Apes

Spear was stationed at the wooden trench in Muir Woods. When the Alpha-Omega attacked, they killed all the sentries, save for Spear, who fled to get reinforcements as the apes inside the trench did their best to hold off the soldiers while countless apes were slaughtered. Spear rode his horse while screeching at the top of his lungs for any apes to hear him. His cries were eventually heard as an army of apes on horseback arrived as Spear howls and led them to the fight. Spear signaled the reinforcement to shoot arrows while they threw smoke grenades at the soldiers. Spear led the apes to victory and later stood guard over four surviving soldiers and their "Donkey" Red who was captured during the battle. Spear lets Caesar through to talk with the prisoners. When Red started taunting Caesar with their eventual demise, Spear angrily shoved him to the ground before Caesar ordered him to stop.

Spear was present when the apes sounded an alarm of two horses with riders approaching their refuge home in a waterfall as Caesar and Maurice watched the wounded apes hold a funeral for the deceased 63 apes. The two riders were revealed to be Rocket and Caesar's firstborn son Blue Eyes, who have spent the past two years searching for a new home far from the humans. As Caesar led Rocket and Blue Eyes into their refuge, Spear and Luca kept their flank to keep an eye out. Later in the day, he participated in the council to discuss the location of the tribe's new home, an oasis beyond a grand desert. When Caesar's wife and Blue Eyes were killed by Colonel McCullough, the leader of the Alpha-Omega, Spear was present when Caesar leaves his youngest son in Lake's care while he embarks on a solo mission to hunt down the Colonel. As Maurice, Luca, and Rocket followed Caesar, Spear took point for the tribe on their journey to the oasis.


During the journey, however, they were ambushed and captured by Alpha-Omega, forced into slavery to build a wall in their base of operations, the Border. Spear, along with three chimp soldiers, were beaten and crucified out in the cold. Spear was the only one to last longer than the other three as Caesar finds them tied to X-shaped crosses and the tribe imprisoned in a pin. He heard Spear's painful moans and quickly freed him, learning of their capture by McCullough's forces. He told Caesar the apes were being forced to work against their will before they died, and as Caesar asked what they were being forced to build, Spear succumbed to his wounds. Caesar attempts to wake him, asking him if Cornelius was in the Border as Red attacked him from behind.


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Physical appearance

Spear was a slim chimpanzee, with dark-grey hair on his grey skinned body, green eyes and white sclera from the ALZ-113, and adorned himself with white chalk on his face and torso. He also contained bone piercings on his nose and ears, and his left ear had a notch missing.


  • Animal Strength: Like all chimpanzees, Spear was very powerful and strong.
  • High-Level Intellect: Spear had been given the ALZ-113, through unknown methods, giving him increased intelligence.
  • Sign Language: Taught by Caesar or Maurice, Spear knows American Sign Language. He used it as a way of communication. He used most frequently when with Caesar.
  • Speech: Having been given the ALZ-113, through unknown methods, Spear had gained the ability of speech. He did not have any verbal lines of dialogue in War, so it was unknown how good his English was.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Due to him being a member of the Ape Army, Spear was a capable fighter, as he was seen wielding a spear.
  • Expert Horse Rider: Spear was able to ride a horse with ease.


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  • Spear has several earrings of unknown animal tooth looks like some kind of carnivore.
  • Spear's spear has white fur of some kind of animal maybe a skunk. The tip of the spear has many colors of paint.
  • Spear's ear and nasal piercing and white paint are a reference to African tribal warriors.
  • Like a few apes, Spear has a piece of his ear missing.
  • Spear was the only ape to have the axe like spear weapon on his horse saddle.


  • Spear is the only ape from the CE reboot to appear in a video game.



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