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Sparrow was an evolved chimpanzee and a member of the San Francisco Ape Colony who served as one of Cornelia's midwives.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes[]

Sparrow alerted Caesar both to Cornelius' birth and to Cornelia's illness, by way of screaming when Caesar returned to the colony and leading him into his home in his tree. These scenes are showed in the film, however she is never addressed by name.


  • Like all the other apes, Sparrow can be seen wearing a white mask and a white necklace.
  • The mask must be made out of a rope and some kind plant while the necklace is made out of a rope, some kind of wood, and some kind of wood of some tree or bone of some animal.
  • The whole necklace could be all painted white.
  • Other apes have a red, orange, yellow, and white mask.


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