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"We will raise them together, like we were raised. It will be the same."

Soona is an evolved chimpanzee and a member of the Eagle Clan.


Early Life[]

Soona was born into the Eagle Clan by unnamed chimpanzee parents. In her childhood, she was taught about the "Echo" (humans) through a story told by her mother in which a tall and small "Echo" were looking for food and water after a drought that wiped out a stream. Soona also became best friends with Noa and Anaya, the former of whom she formed a romantic relationship with.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes[]

Soona traveled with Noa and Anaya in search of eagle eggs to prepare for tomorrow's bonding. She and Anaya choose their eggs and call them; then Noa decides to find one for him in the upper nest; that no one before could climb. Soona was worried when Noa was attacked by an eagle and almost fell silent, but managed to save himself and obtain the egg. While they were returning home, they heard a strange noise, to which Soona used her bolas to catch it and chase it, until she lost it in the tunnel that is forbidden to cross. They see that Noa's blanket smells of human blood and they run quickly and mount their horses.


Soona is kind, wise, loyal, playful, brave and very outgoing. She enjoys spending time with Noa and Anaya and listening to stories told by the elders as well as going out looking for eagle eggs to raise with Noa and Anaya . She is always willing to assist with anything her friends need and even willing to put herself at risk for the sake of her friends. When Noa breaks his eagle egg after a brief confrontation with Mae, she was willing to put her bonding off for another season for Noa. Noa asked her and Anaya to help get into the vault with Mae and while clearly weary of Mae, she still willingly helped him. She is very protective of her clan and is very strong-willed.

Physical appearance[]

Being a descendant of the evolved apes, Soona sports the same features of an adolescent female chimpanzee, having coarse black fur and tan skin, small breasts covered by her fur, long hair with parting in the middle, and yellow eyes with white sclera. Her height is even greater than that of average chimpanzees from three centuries ago, even taller than humans. Her face is shaded dark-grey. Her attire consists of a diagonal pouch belt with eagle feathers, a necklace with blue feathers, a mirroring sling under her pouch belt, white falconry wrapping around her left hand, and a right arm band with a white feather.

Soona was marked with a red line on her forehead after being taken by the Coastal Ape hunters; which she removed in the film's final act.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: As a descendant of evolved apes, Soona has a high level of intelligence.
  • Speech: Soona is capable of speaking fluently.
  • Sign Language: Soona is also capable of using sign language.
  • Animal Strength: Due to Soona being an ape, she has immense strength and is able to swing/climb immense heights/distances when needed.
  • Animal Speed
  • Animal Reflexes
  • Animal Stamina
  • Animal Endurance






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