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Sins of the Father was a one-shot comic issued by Malibu Graphics through their Adventure Comics imprint March 1992. It was written by Mike Valerio and illustrated by Mitch Byrd. Unlike Malibu's other Apes series, this was set in the far future and tied in directly to the original movie.


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Synopsis: A chimp named Pavel visited General Ignatius, Ape City's prefect of police, en route to picking up his daughter, Zira. Upon arrival, he found Ignatius' daughter Camille lying dead. Minister of Science Augustus and his young son, Zaius, investigated the crime. Ignatius believed his human slave responsible. Augustus insisted the killer was an ape, refusing to let Ignatius execute the man. Zaius and his father spied on Ignatius that night as he beat the slave. Augustus accused him of needless cruelty and said the human killed Camille out of self-preservation. To their shock, the human spoke, confirming the theory. Augustus grabbed a rifle and killed both the human and Ignatius. When others ran in, he said Ignatius killed Camille and feared the human would reveal his guilt, dying in a struggle for the weapon. The others took Augustus's word at face value, and Ignatius was branded a heretic and child-murderer. Zaius considered his father's actions unforgiveable until Augustus took him to the Forbidden Zone and showed him the Statue of Liberty, revealing the secret knowledge that mankind preceded apes in ruling the planet. The existence of a speaking human, he said, could endanger them all; his actions, though horrible, preserved the greater good, he explained, and when Zaius would succeed him as Minister of Science, the protection of their secrets would fall to him.[1]


  • The story and the name 'Camille' were inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's The Murders In The Rue Morgue.[2]
  • An early title was Murder on the Planet of the Apes.[3]