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The Sattelite Human Colony is a human settlement based within the ruins of the Very Large Array in New Mexico.


Early History[]

After the Simian Flu Pandemic and the Human-Ape War, the facility was one of the few remaining settlements inhabited by humans who managed to avoid infection from the mutated strain, allowing them to retain their advanced intelligence and continue using technology.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes[]

Around 2328, Mae was sent from the base alongside her mother and an expedition group to seek a deciphering key that could restore communications to contact other remaining human settlements. Although her mother and the rest of her group were killed under the orders of Proximus Caesar, Mae succeeded and brought the deciphering key to the base, which the colony's leader, Korina, took. The key was then used to reactivate a dilapidated yet still functional satellite dish, establishing communication with another human settlement in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Known members[]