The San Francisco Human Colony is a group of humans that survived the Pandemic that wiped out most of the human species.


Many of the survivors were either genetically immune to the virus or followed protocol in preventing the spread of the disease; or possibly both. The Colony was based in a dilapidated, unfinished shopping mall which would be later visited by the Evolved Apes following the clash between Caesar's Ape Army and Malcolm's Group. The ape leader Caesar promised the humans that the apes did not want war but if provoked then they would fight back, warning them to stay away from Ape Mountain.

Tensions and distrust between apes and humans led to a violent revolution led by Koba's usurpation of Caesar's rule, starting a Battle in San Francisco. Casualites mounted on both sides but the apes prevailed and stormed the colony's sanctuary. All surviving or harmless humans were rounded up and placed in disused medical trailers so that the human races would know: "life in cage". With power to the city restored, Drefyus escaped capture and sent out an S.O.S signal to a distant human colony's militia up north, informing them about the ape's attack but was too late to prevent the invasion. Human captives were later set free when Caesar returned to the city to end Koba's reign. Dreyfus then planned to "save the human race" by blowing unstable C-4 charges underneath the tower for an act of revenge, and succeeded despite delays made by Malcolm. Knowing that the human race would never forgive what happened, Caesar prepared his people for the oncoming war ahead.

Known MembersEdit

Human Status Occupation Known Relatives Photo
Dreyfus Deceased
  • Police Chief (formerly)
  • Mayor Candidiate (formerly)
  • Mayor (formerly)
  • Leader of the Human Colony
  • Maddy (wife; deceased)
  • John and Edward (sons; both deceased)
Dreyfus Dawn
Malcolm Alive
  • Architect (formerly)
  • Leader of a small group of humans
  • Co-leader of the Human Colony
  • Rita (first wife; deceased)
  • Alexander (son)
  • Ellie (second wife)
Alexander Alive
  • Unknown
  • Rita (mother; deceased)
  • Malcolm (father)
  • Ellie (step-mother)
Alexander (CE)
Ellie Alive
  • Nurse (studied Simian Flu; formerly)
  • Malcolm (husband)
  • Alexander (step-son)
Carver Deceased
  • Department of Water and Power (formerly)
Carver shoots Ash
Werner Deceased
  • Unknown
Foster Unknown
  • Unknown


  • It is unknown what became of the colony following the events of War.


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  • It is likely that the Human Colony in San Francisco, is not the only Human Colony in existence, because Dreyfus' group managed to make contact with another human militia who answered their S.O.S signal.
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