The Venturer's crew are amazed to find Nova in possession of the dog tags of a Colonel Ronald Brent when they meet her. Later in the series the mystery is solved when they find the wreck of Brent's ship and find Brent himself still living inside, having met and then lost Nova's tribe many years earlier. Brent left Earth on August 6, 2109, almost 150 years after the Venturer but arrived on the ape planet about 15 to 20 years earlier than them.


  • The character of Ron Brent is an analog to John Brent from Beneath the Planet of the Apes, in that he is an astronaut who travelled to the future and his ship was destroyed in a crash-landing. Unlike John Brent, who was roughly a contempary of Taylor (ableit about a decade younger), Ron Brent was a product of a future era a hundred years after Hudson and Allen. This also establishes that in this continuity, unlike the live action timeline, the takeover of the collapse of human civilization and the takeover of the Apes will not happen until at least the early 22nd century after 2109.
  • Oddly, Brent's dogtags gave his first name as Roland, not Ronald.
  • Brent shares the same birthday as the show's director, Doug Wildey.

Nova carries Brent's dogtags around her neck when the astronauts meet her

The astronauts meet Brent

Brent's ship

Brent's ship

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