Ron Stein is an actor and stuntman featured on the Planet of the Apes television series. He appeared in twelve episodes as fifteen different characters, all except one being gorillas.

Ron Harper later recalled "Ron Stein is a name you’ll see a lot in the show's credits. He was a very good stuntman and I became very fond of him. He doubled me a little bit, before they got a different double who looked like me. In one of the episodes ['The Legacy'], I jumped down off of a window ledge and I was supposed to fight with a gorilla. Ron, who was dressed and made-up as an ape and standing nearby, came over to me and suggested a couple of moves that he said would probably 'sell' as possibly capable of incapacitating a gorilla. I said, "That’s very good!", and he thanked me. This was at a time when they had not yet selected a head stunt person, so I called Stan Hough, our producer, who’s gone now, and I said, "You know something? Ron Stein is an excellent stuntman." I was saying that not only because of that incident, but because I saw some of his other work. I told Stan, "You ought to make him the head stunt person, because he knows what he's doing. He’s smart and he’s got the experience. And he presents it in such a way that it’s very easy to accept it. Which is very good for a leader." So they made him the head stunt person. And he was a wonderful guy."[1]

Stuntman Hubie Kerns jnr. believed that Stein may have taken over the role of stunt co-ordinator after a series of accidents on the set of the TV show.[2]

Harper added: "I had no idea what my [co-workers] looked like, because some of 'em I never saw out of their makeup. I remember one time when I was riding back from location in the van, and I said to a guy who was also getting a ride back, "Hi, I’m Ron. What's your name?" He said, "...Ron." I said, "...What? ...Who? ...Are you...?" He said, "Ron Stein", and I said, "Oh, for Christ's sake!""[1]

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