Rod Wilson was a character who appeared in War for the Planet of the Apes. Wilson served as an commanding officer in J. Wesley McCullough's Alpha-Omega army.


Rod was among the soldiers of Alpha-Omega, working under J. Wesley McCullough during the Human-Ape War.

Rod was assigned to lead a platoon of troops to ambush an ape fort in the Muir Woods, with guidance from McCullough's various "donkeys", including Red. After one of his soldiers spotted an ape patrol on horseback, Rod prepares to shoot them before Red stopped him and pointed to one of the donkeys in the trees. The donkey pointed to a nearby location and Rod discovered a trench filled with even more apes inside and radioed colonel McCullough to give him the intel. Rod then pulled two grenade launchers from the donkeys' packs and gave them to nearby soldiers and called Preacher forward. Rod ordered Preacher to kill an ape on horseback with a gun and the two other soldiers with grenade launchers to take out the trench when he did. They executed the operation successfully and Rod ordered the rest of his men to open fire and leads the attack.

When the apes, led by Spear counter-attacked the Alpha-Omega assault by firing arrows at the soldiers, Rod was killed with his body being found by Preacher. His death was reported to Preacher who assumed command on McCullough's orders.


Not much was revealed about Rod, except he had mixed feelings about the "donkeys" under his command. On one hand, he greatly valued how skilled and strong they were at but at the same time envied and resented that he had to rely on them so much.


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