The End Of The World

Cast of Characters:

  • Chris Leung is a young man that is into watching pirated webcasts that refuses to believe the government's stance that there are no such thing as intelligent talking apes and questions the media's reports that everything is under control in San Diego.
  • Caesar is haunted by nightmares of the earth being destroyed. He knows that his destiny is to be a leader, but the apes lack control. Caesar establishes the first great law, "Ape Shall Never Kill Ape".
  • Lisa is Caesar's lover and is currently incapable of speech.
  • MacDonald is one of Caesar's trusted human friends. As Caesar and him walked among the ape masses outside the compound, a gorilla strikes a piece of debris at MacDonald which ignites Caesar into a rage.
  • Dr. Reich is confined to a wheelchair and appears to have a respitory problem. He is a doomsdayer that believes that with the conquering of New Ape City, that the apes will continue to take over the world.
  • Aldo is a gorilla servant that worked in custodial that was sent to a lab for experimental testing where he revolted and uttered his first word repeatedly, "No."


  • New Ape City (formerly San Diego)
  • Washington DC
  • Hasslein Air Force base, Groom Lake



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