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This continuity of Planet of the Apes movies, books and comics are based around the movie directed by Tim Burton in 2001, inspired by the original pentalogy of Planet of the Apes films. They form a story arc which does not tie-in with other versions of the Planet of the Apes story.


  • Writer William Broyles Jr.'s first draft script for the movie was entitled 'The Visitor' and billed as "Episode 1 of The Chronicles of Ashlar".[1] This subtitle was not used in the theatrical release or publicity materials, but it is used here as an umbrella term for the Apes adventures set on the planet of Ashlar, as depicted in the film.
  • For the purposes of this fandom wikia project the letters TB (referring to Tim Burton) are used as shorthand to denote this continuity of Apes films and spin-off publications. A distinction more consistent with other continuities on this site would be the use of 'TZC', denoting the The Zanuck Company production, but the core film is more closely associated with director Tim Burton in the popular consciousness.
  • Please note that if a character shares a name with another character in the project, or appears in another media source but doesn't appear in the films, that character will have the partial title of that source in its page title and will be listed in the 'TB' category.


  1. The Visitor First Draft Script, by William Broyles Jr. (24 September 1999)
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