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Year Event Source
c. One billion B.C. Ashlar is bombarded with comets. Planet of the Apes: The Fall
February 14, 2029 A.D. The Oberon encounters the electromagnetic storm. Pericles was sent to the storm. Leo Davidson enters storm to rescue his friend. The Oberon picked up a distress call and enters the storm. Planet of the Apes
4000 Written history on Ashlar officially begins. All knowledge of the 1,971 years before is lost. Planet of the Apes: Force
4976 Thade is born. Planet of the Apes: Resistance
4992 Attar is born. Planet of the Apes: Force
4994 Ari is born. Planet of the Apes: Force
November 30, 5021 Leo crash-lands on Ashlar, near the city of Derkein. Planet of the Apes