August 19: Probe Six encounters violent radioactive turbulence near Alpha Centauri, causing severe damage and loss of ship control. Jonesy activates an automatic homing device, redirecting the spacecraft back to Earth. The astronauts lose consciousness as the ship is propelled to the year 3085.


The human Farrow is born in the Western United States. Note: The exact year of Farrow's birth is unknown, but he was born circa 3015. [1]



Farrow discovers an ancient bomb shelter and makes it his "secret cave". He finds books and other artifacts fem centuries past. Unable to read, he uses the books to start fires, keeping one because he enjoys looking at the pictures. [2]


  1. The final shooting script for Escape from Tomorrow cites that Farrow is in his late sixties by the year 3083.
  2. Episode 1 "Escape from Tomorrow"

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