Chapters 1-3


Cast of Characters:

  • Bardan


  • Southtown (aka Skintown)
  • Brother Kale's Mission
  • The City Tree


  • Stormgewehr Mitrailleuse Machine Gun


It is a time of peace. Humans and Apes are living together in harmony. The Lawgiver is reading to the people when an unknown assailant guns down the lawgiver. The assassin yells out "Thus to Tyrants." The dying words of the Lawgiver are of fear for the city of Mak and for everyone. It is later discovered that the lawgiver was shot about 26 times by a machine gun.

The identity of the assassin is unknown, but the apes, most especially Alaya are certian it is a human and this human is hiding in Southtown. Sullivan's place is searched by Hulss for the weapon, but there is none to be found.

Sullivan goes to the City Tree to talk to Alaya, her adopted, chimp sister. Alaya tells Sullivan that a full-scale search will be conducted in Southtown for the "Human" Assassin. Sullivan requests a week to find the killer, she is granted two days. Alaya's search will begin immediately after the cremation of the Lawgiver.


  • The Long War takes place in the year 2680 about 1300 years before the arrival of Colonel George Taylor.


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