Pin is a human girl born at Aleron's camp in the Forbidden Zone. Eighteen years before Taylor's arrival, when Doctor Zaius led an army to annihilate the human rebels, the chimpanzee Timon found and rescued the infant Pin, and as a result became trapped in the Forbidden Zone. Ten years later, when the Moon was destroyed, Timon and Pin journeyed to Ape City where Timon began to preach the word of Aleron, a creed of harmony between apes and humans. To illustrate his message, Timon had Pin speak to assembled apes which, since humans were mute, caused many to believe in him. During a crackdown on the movement by Ursus, Pin had her throat cut by the gorilla soldiers. She was taken to Prisca by Cornelius, Timon and Lucilla, and her life was saved, but Lucilla revealed that it was her who had provided the voice for Pin, and that she was in fact mute.



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