Percy was an evolved orangutan who appeared in War for the Planet of the Apes.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: FirestormEdit

After escaping into Muir Woods with the other apes during the Ape Rebellion, Percy was the one who first heard the helicopter chasing them on their fifth day in the woods and alerted Rocket.[1]

War for the Planet of the ApesEdit

Percy was later made a member of Caesar's Council and was among the apes who witnessed the return of Blue Eyes and Rocket. He is later shown sitting at the Ape Council meeting between Winter and Luca. Percy later left with the other apes lead by Spear to head to the place Blue Eyes and Rocket found carrying a baby orangutan. He is later captured with the others and made a slave in the Alpha-Omega camp.

Later at the labor camp, Percy accidentally drops a branch and is whipped by Red as punishment before Caesar yells at him to stop. Colonel McCullough ordered Preacher and the Donkeys to bring both him and Caesar to him, then orders Red to whip Caesar until it became too much for him. He then told Caesar to put his apes back to work, but Caesar refused. McCullough told him again, and Caesar still refused, enraging McCullough to pull out his gun and shoot Percy in the head, killing him.


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  • In the novelization, some of the lines of other apes from the movie are given to Percy.
    • At the council meeting, Percy asks Blue Eyes what is beyond the mountains. In the movie, Cornelia is the one who asked Blue Eyes this.
    • At the Alpha-Omega base, Percy tells Caesar to forgive the other apes for shunning them as they have been through much. In the movie, Lake is the one who told Caesar this.
  • When all the apes were preparing to go to their new home, Percy is seen holding a baby orangutan. It is unknown if it's a relative of his.





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