People News was the backup story featured in MR Comics' Revolution on the Planet of the Apes #2. It was written by Ty Templeton, with art by Gabriel Morrissette and Bernie Mireault, and showed some familiar characters almost discovering their destiny.


Caesar granted an exclusive interview to a New York-based publication, People News Monthly, enjoying the irony of its title. Speaking to a reporter named Carroll, he said he was the lost child of future apeonauts Cornelius and Zira. The tabloid jumped on the story, printing an issue devoted to Caesar's rebellion, titled “Hail Caesar!” Before it hit the stands the Pentagon ordered the editor to bury the issue, denouncing the rebellion as a hoax. Carroll “buried” a copy in her titanium wall safe, vowing to get the news out eventually. Many centuries later, several ape scientists joined Cornelius' archeological expedition, including Zira and Dr. Zaius. In an old safe, Cornelius discovered a 1991 issue of People News Monthly with a photo of an ape on the cover. Zira remarked that he looked just like Cornelius. Zaius, however, grabbed it from him before he could read it. On the cover, Zaius saw the title “Hail Caesar!” and a blurb about the “King of the Apes” being the “fabled lost child of Cornelius and Zira.” He denounced it as an abomination. Ripping up the magazine, he left them alone.

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