Paul LaFever is an astronaut who along with his companions, DodgeStewart, and John Thomas, traveled from Earth to an unknown planet.


After burying Stewart, whose life support equipment had failed during the journey, Thomas, LaFever, and Dodge encountered a mob of primitive humans. Removing their clothing to blend in among the group, the three were dispersed by the arrival of horse-mounted gorillas with hunting rifles, who killed Dodge. Thomas and LaFever were split up.

After Thomas had recovered his ability to communicate while in captivity, he inquired as to LaFever's fate. LaFever was found in a zoo, with his head injured so that he was no more communicative than a common primitive human.


  • In Planet of the Apes: Visionaries, the character is identified in dialogue balloons as LAFEVER (no first name), due to the lack of lowercase distinctions in the lettering. Rod Serling's original script identifies the character as Paul LaFever.

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