Paternal Instinct was the backup story featured in MR Comics' Revolution on the Planet of the Apes #4. It was written by Sam Agro and Ty Templeton, with art by Sam Agro and Bernie Mireault, and revealed the unknown family left behind by a famous astronaut.


Police officer Tammy Taylor, the 23-year-old daughter of missing astronaut George Taylor, found four men terrorizing a chimpanzee and her baby as revenge for recent killings. She warned them away at gunpoint, unwilling to let them kill an innocent animal. Focusing her anger over her father's abandonment, she tried to take them down, but a man named Darryl knocked her out with a pipe. The men killed the baby, but as they attacked its mother, a pack of angry gorillas came to her aid. Tammy awakened to find the men and the chimp baby dead, and heard a woman crying for help. The grief-stricken mother chimp had stolen her baby son and climbed a nearby building. Tammy climbed up after the chimp, soothing her into handing the baby over. Then, thinking of her father once more, she shot the ape dead, knowing she had finally become the “magnificent bastard” her mother had always called her father.

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