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You come to judge me? I judge myself. I promised our father I would bring them home... I failed. Eagle Clan belongs to Proximus Caesar now. That is the law. ...But the law is wrong!
Noa contemplates to his father’s eagle, and gains courage.[src]

Noa is an evolved chimpanzee and a member of the Eagle Clan. After his clan was attacked under the orders of Proximus Caesar, Noa set out to liberate them, and along the way, joined forces with the orangutan Raka and the human Mae. Following the liberation of the Eagle Clan, Noa became the clan's new leader and strived to rebuild their home.


Early Life

Noa was born into the Eagle Clan 300 years after Caesar's time as the son of the Eagle Clan leader Koro and honored teacher Dar. In his childhood, he became friends with fellow chimps Anaya and Soona, the latter of who he would form a romantic relationship with her.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

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To prepare for their bonding ceremony, Noa travelled to the top nest (a tall decaying building with a few eagle nests) with Soona and Anaya, the latter showing off his climbing skills. The three found an eagle nest with three eggs; Anaya propose they take all of them, but Noa remind him of the clan's law: always leave one egg. After debating that Soona and Anaya take the two eggs, Noa spotted another nest and went to investigate, leaping over a chasm using a rusted pipe to assist in climbing. He was joyed to see the nest had four eggs and as he reached to the one singing to him, the eagle that made the nest returned and attacked, knocking Noa off the nest and onto a weak ledge, leading to Noa falling along a slope. Anaya and Soona follow as Noa fell off the slope but managed to grab onto a nearby ledge and show his friends his own egg.

Returning to their horses on ground level, Soona noticed they are frightened, and Noa realized his blanket was missing until he heard a noise in a nearby bush. Soona used a bolo to throw a rock at the bush, which struck a strange figure that made it run. The chimps pursue the figure to a tunnel, and Noa spotted his blood soaked blanket on a branch and the figure as it ran deep inside, realizing it was an outsider. Anaya moved closer to investigate and smelled the blood, realizing the figure was not an ape and proposed it was an "Echo" (mute human). Anaya grabbed the blanket and screamed in fear with Noa and Soona as all three returned to their horses to head back home, with Noa and Soona joking about how Anaya was scared.


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Noa is a friendly, brave, and self-sacrificing ape who is loyal to his friends and bravely opposes the tyrannical Proximus. Although he's initially wary of Mae, he ultimately comes around to seeing her as a friend until her true colors are revealed. Just don't piss him off.

He blames himself for leading Sylva and his apes to the village, which results in his father's death and the village being burned.

Physical appearance

Being a descendant of the evolved apes, Noa sports the same features of an adolescent chimpanzee, having coarse black fur and tan skin, and grey eyes with white sclera. His height is even greater than that of average chimpanzees from three centuries ago, even taller than humans. The right side of his pectoral region has a spot that has less fur. His attire consists of a diagonal pouch belt with eagle feathers, a belt with a dagger sheathe, white falconry wrapping around his left hand, and an arm band on his right arm; after becoming the leader of the Eagle Clan and Master of Birds, the arm band now sports three blue feathers.

Throughout the course of the film, Noa sustained several injuries: a scratch on his brow from Koro's eagle Sun, cuts on his lip and right temple area from the Coastal Ape hunters' raid on the Eagle Clan, a nose bleed from Rust's beating, and cuts on the left side of his face and nose bleeds from Proximus' beating; all of which are healing at the end of the film.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: As a descendant of evolved apes, Noa has a high level of intelligence. Noa is very quick-thinking and resourceful, using the environment to his advantage during combat. Now is also clever enough to repair a broken taser staff himself with no prior exposure to the technology.
  • Speech: Noa is capable of speaking fluently.
  • Sign Language: Noa is also capable of using sign language.
  • Animal Strength: Due to his physiology, Noa possesses the same level of strength as any chimpanzee, evident when he was climbing a shore cliff with Mae on his back.
  • Animal Speed: Chimpanzees can typically run at up to 25 miles per hour when using all four legs, faster than human on 2 legs running at a maximum of 18 miles per hour.
  • Animal Reflexes
  • Animal Stamina
  • Animal Endurance
  • Expert Horse Rider: Noa is a very skilled horse rider.
  • Expert Falconry: Noa is skilled in training birds of prey to hunt or explore new regions.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat: Noa is physically capable of engaging other apes in combat despite his adolescent age, which leaves him to be overpowered by prime adult apes like Sylva and Proximus; he can, however, compensate his lack of strength in combat with his intellect of using the environment to his advantage.



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