General Nix was an albino gorilla soldier from the city of Mak. In 2657 Nix went to the Red Creek settlement in the aftermath of its destruction by the human army from Delphi. There he found the orphaned children Sullivan and Alaya and brought them to Mak. There, the Lawgiver adopted them and made them an example of ape human co-operation by enrolling the human Sullivan in the ape school, but a protester assaulted Sullivan, causing Nix to attack and kill him. To enforce his authority the Lawgiver had Nix sent to prison for the crime.

Many years later the Lawgiver was assassinated by a human and in the fall out Alaya freed Nix and asked him to lead a crackdown on the human population of Mak. As the situation deteriorated into all-out war Nix became the head of the ape military against human insurgents, but eventually became disillusioned with Alaya's extremism. When Alaya was deposed as ape leader, Nix kept her informed of events and eventually joined Alaya and Sullivan in the failed defence of Mak from the army of the Great Khan, in which they all died.



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