Mountain of The Delphi was one of three "Little LP" audio adventures released by Power Records around 1974, featuring the characters from the Planet of the Apes TV series.


The fugitives are pursued by gorillas but when they encounter an avalanche in the shadow of a huge mountain, the gorillas turn back. Galen guesses that they have entered the Forbidden Zone and that this is the mountain of the Delphi, mysterious and independent-minded cave dwelling humans who worship a metallic god at the top of their mountain. When the Delphi appear, they do not speak or show any emotion at first but then the three are approached by Tamerain, guardian of the Delphi, who tells them they want no confrontation with the apes and he asks them to leave. When the astronauts mention they have come from Earth, Tamerain tells them of a prophecy that Earth-men would come from the sky to save the Delphi, and they are welcomed into the caves. They enter a great hall as Urko invades, vowing to crush the Delphi before they can ally with Virdon and Burke. Braylok, in charge of defence of the Delphi makes a deal with Urko to hand over the fugitives in return for peace but Tamerain kills him when he challenges him for leadership. As the Delphi and the apes fight, Tamerain sends the astronauts through a secret passage to visit their god - "Ytrebil". Alan discovers their god is in fact the Liberty Bell of Philadelphia, just as the gun battle triggers an earthquake in which the whole mountain collapses in on itself, killing all of the Delphi.

Mounatin of The Delphi

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