Marc Singer is a Canadian-born actor from Vancouver, British Columbia. Though more popularly known for his roles in V: The Final Battle and Beastmaster, Marc also played the role of Dalton on the 1974 Planet of the Apes television episode "The Gladiators". Singer had originally screen-tested for the regular role of astronaut Virdon, but the producers were impressed by him and cast him in a guest part. “It was the early stage of a steep learning curve for me, the technique of film acting. I had come from the stage, and the transition was like moving to a foreign country.” Filming a wrestling scene with his on-screen father, played by William Smith, Singer made a serious error of judgement: “In my inexperience, I punched Bill in the stomach. That was the one and only time I’ve ever hurt an actor or stuntman in my entire career, and I lived to tell of it. Bill had a reputation as a notorious real-life tough guy, but we became fast friends.” Veteran actor John Hoyt co-starred in the episode - a thrill for his young fan. “John was in his ape head and hands, and little else, having shed his suffocating robes, standing under a golf umbrella for his off-camera lines. It’s hard to forget a sight like that. But he was always a favorite of mine when I was a kid hooked on TV and the movies. Working with him was like stepping backward into my childhood and forward into a new world, all at the same time.”[1]

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