The Mandrill is one of the species of monkeys in the Planet of the Apes franchise. Mandrills are found in western equatorial Africa. Malibu Graphics' Urchak's Folly comic title featured Argo DiVincenzo, a supporter of peaceful ape-human co-existence. He later reappeared in Malibu Graphics' Blood of the Apes. The video game developed by UbiSoft and Fox Interactive featured a 'Mandrill Militia'.



  • Pierre Boulle's original La Planète des Singes novel featured species of monkeys functioning as the citizens and workers of a society dominated by the more familiar gorilla, chimpanzee and orangutan species, but monkeys did not appear in the cinematic interpretations of his novel.
  • Mandrills are not apes they're monkeys. Apes don't have tails.

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