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Malcolm's Group was a small group of humans led by Malcolm who were sent to the Muir Woods to find an alternative power supply to restore failing power to the human colony in San Francisco.



After the Simian Flu Pandemic, the surviving humans were genetically immune to the virus and survived the period of societal collapse. Therefore, under the tutelage of Malcolm and Dreyfus, the surviving citizens of San Francisco established a colony in the remains of an unfinished shopping mall. However, when the fuel sources for the colony were beginning to dwindle, Dreyfus tasked Malcolm to find a new power sources. There, Malcolm formed a small group of humans to search for a dam that could restore power to San Francisco and allow the survivors to reconnect with other potential survivors and rebuild civilization.

Encounter With Apes[]

Malcolm's group wandered through Muir Woods when they encountered Caesar and his army after Carver shot Ash out of fear. The event provoked the arrival of the apes and Caesar demanded the humans to leave immediately. When returning to the city, Malcolm informed Dreyfus that the dam did exist but they had encountered the apes along the way. The group's encounter led to Caesar and the ape army appearing in San Francisco where Caesar warned the humans (in English) to stay away from Ape Territory or else there would be war. Later on, Malcolm spoke with Dreyfus asking for three days to go back to try and create a truce between the apes to work on the dam to get systems up, to which the colony leader reluctantly allowed Malcolm's group to go but told him that if they didn't return in three days, Dreyfus' Army would head invade the evolved ape's village and kill them all. Ellie did not think Carver should go with them after he shot Ash but Malcolm knew that Carver once worked there before the Simian Flu Pandemic and the only one who knew how to work it best.

A Truce[]

Even though Caesar ordered the humans never to come back to the mountain, Malcolm's group returned to try and find the dam and negotiate peace. After going ahead first at his own risk, a truce was made between the colonies, so they could eventually start working on the warehouse. As a condition, the humans handed over their guns, which were smashed to pieces by Rocket so they could not harm any apes, yet Carver was hatefully suspicious of the apes and hid a shotgun away, threatened to kill Caesar's sons when it was discovered at the dam. This attack prompted Caesar to banish the human group from the mountain, so Malcolm begged for forgiveness and made Carver leave as insurance. Because Cornelia was seemingly terminally ill, Ellie's medical treatment offers made Caesar reconsider his banishment and rectified his orders to letting the group stay one day only. The group along with the apes' help eventually made the dam work and restored power to San Francisco, changing Caesar's mind about the humans and took them into the village to show them the ape ways of life.

War Breaks Out[]

In the midst of the celebrations, Carver was murdered by Koba, who used him to stage a framed murder on Caesar's life and burned the village to convince the apes to attack the human colony. Maurice wisely saved Malcolm's family by telling them to run before they were blamed, caught and killed. Malcolm, Ellie and Alexander survived the ape stampede through the forest and went into hiding, yet Foster and Kemp were not seen again, hinting that they did not escape. The trio found Caesar in the woods, barely living and took him to treat his wounds at the ruins of the Rodman House at his request.

Known Members[]

Member Status Role in Group Ape Counterpart Photo
Malcolm Deceased
  • Group Leader
Malcolm and others encounter apes
Ellie Deceased
  • Malcolm's Wife and Co-Leader
  • CDC Nurse/Medic
Infant, Ellie, and Alexander
Alexander Deceased
  • Malcolm's Son and Ellie's Stepson
Blue Eyes
Alexander (CE)
Carver Deceased
  • Mechanic
Foster Deceased
  • Dam Worker
Kemp Deceased
  • Dam Worker


  • Ellie and Alexander were the only known survivors of the group.
    • Carver was killed by Koba for the use of being framed for Caesar's murder.
    • Malcolm was killed by Colonel McCullough after he tried to convince him not to go to war with the apes.
    • Foster and Kemp were presumably killed when the apes went to the city after being Caesar was seemingly killed by humans.


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