Malcolm's Family are the main human family that appear in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. They are human survivors of the Simian Flu.

Known MembersEdit

Member Status Relatives Occupation Ape Counterpart Photo
Malcolm Deceased
  • Rita
  • (first wife; deceased)
  • Alexander (son)
  • Ellie (second wife)
  • Sarah (step-daughter; deceased)
  • Architect; (formerly)
  • Leader of small group of humans
Malcolm and others encounter apes


  • Rita (mother; deceased)
  • Malcolm (father)
  • Ellie (step-mother)
  • Sarah (step-sister; deceased)
N/A Blue Eyes
Alexander (CE)
Rita Deceased
  • Malcolm (husband)
  • Alexander (son)
Young Alexander and his late mother


  • Malcolm (husband)
  • Alexander (step-son)
  • Sarah (daughter; deceased)
Sarah Deceased
  • Ellie (mother)
  • Unknown (father; status unknown)
  • Malcolm (step-father)
  • Alexander (step-brother)


  • Ellie never told Malcolm and Alexander about her daughter, Sarah. Sarah is mentioned twice when Ellie is ridiculed for not hating the apes and when Alexander asks about her while talking with Ellie. Alexander and Ellie's conversation is the only time Sarah is mentioned by name.
  • Malcolm's first wife is only mentioned once during the entirety of Dawn while a photo of her with a young Alexander is viewed during Caesar's council meeting by Maurice who is looking through Alexander's lost bag.
  • Despite not being referenced by name in the film or in the official film novelization, the upcoming six part comic series set before Dawn, an article by Digital Spy revealed that Malcolm's first wife was named Rita.
  • According to the official Dawn movie novelization, Sarah was only four-years-old when she died. She contracted the Simian Flu and died 36 hours later.


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