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"I have a name; Mae. I know where they're taking your clan."
Mae revealing her intelligence to Noa and Raka.[src]

Mae, also known as Nova, is the sole survivor of a human expedition team who allied herself with Noa and Raka in hopes of fulfilling her mission to help establish communication with other remaining human settlements around the world to rebuild human civilization.


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Early Life[]

In the decades following the Simian Flu Pandemic, much of the surviving humans of the outbreak and the Human-Ape War regressed to a primal state after the Simian Flu mutated. As a result, their descendants are unable to speak. However, other humans were immune to the new strain and lived in isolated settlements. Within the ruins of the Very Large Array in New Mexico, Mae was born with intelligence and the ability to speak like humans before the pandemic.

As the apes expanded in numbers and established various clans throughout the years, Mae sought to find a way to communicate with other human settlements through the world's operational satellites. Mae and her other members of her settlement soon sought to search for a decipher key that could fulfill their goals. Therefore, Mae was sent among an expedition team, alongside her mother by Korina. However, Mae's mother and the rest of her expedition party were massacred by apes belonging to a rogue ape clan led by Proximus Caesar, a bonobo despot who seeks to enslave other ape clans and gain access to human technologies to expand his clan farther. Mae was able to escape, although Proximus ordered his followers to hunt her down and capture her.

Mae later came across Noa and Raka, the latter of whom offered her food and a blanket and named her Nova. The trio later encountered a group of feral mute humans and zebras, but they were attacked by Sylva's raiders. Noa and Raka rescue Mae and she speaks for the first time to them, revealing her real name. Mae says that her mother taught her silence to survive. She says that the raiders took the members of Noa's clan to a coastal area where an old human vault is located.

While on their way to the coast, they are attacked again by Sylva and his apes. Raka sacrifices himself to save Mae from drowning. Mae and Noa are then captured and taken to Proximus' settlement. Mae was taken aboard a shipwreck and locked in a room with Trevathan, another human immune to the mutated Simian Flu. He has allied with Proximus and urges Mae to do the same, believing that he is securing his place amongst the apes in a world that will never again be dominated by humans.

Later that night, Mae is confronted by Noa who demands the truth in exchange for his help. Mae says that she wants access to a special "book" that will allow humans to speak again. Noa agrees to help her gain access to the vault, wanting to defeat Proximus and lead his clan back home. Noa, Mae, Soona, and Anaya plant explosives around the dam that surrounds the vault. Trevathan appears and plans to warn Proximus, but Mae strangles him.

The group then scales a cliff to reach a secret entrance to the vault. Mae reactivates the generators and acquires a revolver and the decipher key. They open the main door to the bunker, unintentionally allowing Proximus and all his apes to get inside. Mae scares the apes by shooting and killing an ape holding a knife to Soona's neck. Proximus agrees to let Mae leave if she tells him where the weapons are. Mae refuses and triggers the explosives, flooding the bunker while all the apes are inside.

Mae later comes to the Eagle Clan's camp to say goodbye to Noa. She explains that humans deserve to return to their state as an advanced species, but Noa questions if apes and humans can coexist. Mae travels to a plains area where a satellite base is located, still operational and inhabited after 300 years. She gives the decipher key to the people there, who use it to activate a massive satellite dish and successfully contact other settlements, giving hope to the restoration of human civilization.


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