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"You can't trust the older generation!"

Lucius appeared towards the end of the original movie Planet of the Apes (1968). Zira's teenage nephew, he rebelled against authority of any kind and willingly helped Zira and Cornelius in leading George Taylor to freedom. He resented Taylor's orders as much as anyone else's and struggled to understand the actions of this unusual human while they traveled through the Forbidden Zone together.

Cornelius, Lucius & Zira at the cave site

In BOOM! Studios' Planet of the Apes Cataclysm, Lucius' past is explored more fully. His mother, Cassia, was killed when the destruction of Earth's Moon caused a huge wave to hit Ape City, eight years before Taylor's arrival. Zira then looked after the young chimpanzee with the help of the "Anti-Vivisection Society" leader Prisca. After Milo had repaired Taylor's ship using spare parts from Brent's ship, Lucius accompanied Zira and Cornelius into the Forbidden Zone, but was shot by the gorilla soldiers before he could join them on their momentous journey on the Icarus.


  • Going by the movies alone, Lucius died when Taylor detonated the Alpha-Omega Bomb, destroying the entire Earth.


  • The character of Lucius gave the Apes movies the chance to represent the more current themes in American society and acknowledge the right of youth to question their elders when they believe them to be wrong.


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