Lisa Marie Smith is an American actress who played the role of Nova in the 2001 "re-imagined" film, Planet of the Apes.


  • Lisa Marie was the partner of director Tim Burton from 1992 to 2001, and starred in most of his films during that period. Planet of the Apes was their last project together before they separated.
  • Marie hosted a short-film anthology show on Sci-Fi Channel called Exposure. To tie in with Planet of the Apes, an entire apes themed episode was aired near the film's release.
  • Lisa Marie expressed dislike at the direction Burton went with the look of the female apes:
"Tim said he wanted her to be attractive to a human male. I told him, that’s going to be tough, because if you’re just looking at a chimp’s face, it’s really hard to tell a female from a male, and some of them are hideously ugly . . . Trying to humanize her would only make matters worse – it would make her even more grotesque, like a freak human."


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