"Mr Jacobs, it's Linda from Will's team… Something horrible has happened… Franklin is dead, from a viral infection…  He was exposed to the 113…  It does something to people that it doesn't do to apes… Mr Jacobs? Mr Jacobs, are you… "
―Linda (speaking on the phone)

Linda Andersen was a lab assistant at the Gen-Sys Laboratories, working with Dr. Will Rodman in researching a cure to Alzheimer's Disease.


Rise of the Planet of the ApesEdit

She at first agreed with Jacobs that the ALZ-113 should be put on the market and told Will that Koba scored a perfect 15 on the Tower of Lucas (earlier in the movie Bright Eyes only scored 20). Later on, Linda was warned that the ALZ-113 kills humans instead of improving them like apes. Linda called Jacobs on his cell phone to warn him about the ALZ-113 effects that Franklin is dead, but he ignored her and she kept trying to warn him the urgent news on the phone. Jacobs wasn't alert to Linda because the Gen-Sys Cafe was demolished and several apes jumped down scaring him off. Linda's news surely alerted the entire Gen-Sys Laboratories not to put the ALZ-113 onto the market, but already it was too late since Franklin started the ALZ-113 Pandemic all over the planet.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: FirestormEdit

Firestorm revealed that Linda's last name was "Andersen", that she had a sister, and that Linda was one of the first victims of the Simian Flu.


  • Linda's first name is most likely in tribute to Linda Harrison, the actress who played Nova in the first two Planet of the Apes movies.
  • An earlier version of the script had a similar character named 'Caroline' - a lab assistant with curly red hair, she and Will had a history together which he regretted but she wished to develop.
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